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: Pesquisa e Ensino em Ciências Exatas e da Natureza
: 2526-8236
: Under Evalution   
: Science (General)
Description Pesquisa e Ensino em Ciências Exatas e da Natureza is a free-access multidisciplinary electronic journal with no publication fees edited by a team of professors of the Academic Unit of Exact and Natural Sciences of the Professor Training Center of the Federal University of Campina Grande – Cajazeiras campus – in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. The aim of the journal is to publish contributions written in Portuguese or English in all fields related to research and teaching in the Exact and Natural sciences as well as Earth Sciences, Health Sciences, Agrarian Sciences and Environmental Sciences at a frequency of twice annually. Pesquisa e Ensino em Ciências Exatas e da Natureza publishes original articles and notes based on scientific research, original articles of a theoretical-methodological nature, literature reviews, book presentations, points of view, news, opinions, printing errors, obituaries and editorials.
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Publish By  Universidade Federal de Campina Grande / Centro de Formação de Professores / Unidade Acadêmica de Ciências Exatas e da Natureza