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: Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Ar-Rahman
: 2477-6300
: Under Evalution   
: Education
Description Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Ar-Rahman enrolled at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences Center for Scientific Documentation and Information (LIPI) with ISSN 2477-6300 (online), is a journal of guidance and counseling science published by the Study Program of Guidance and Counseling of Islamic University of Borneo Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjari. The purpose of this journal is Variation, Qualified and Strategic, which is published as a media dissemination and publication of scientific work in the field of Guidance and Counseling in enriching the repertoire of insight, science, theory and praxis Guidance and counseling. Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Ar-Rahman started first issue vol edition. 1, No. 2 December 2015 with eight articles. Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Ar-Rahman is published 1 Year 2 June edition (number 1) and December (number 2). Another thing from Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Ar-Rahman with the development of Science and Technology in Guidance and Counseling covers five areas, personal, social, learning, career, and spiritual). Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Ar-Rahman in the future always make improvements in order to get to reputable journals nationally especially International
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Publish By  UPT Penelitian dan Publikasi Universitas Islam Kalimantan Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjari