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: Berkala Arkeologi Sangkhakala
: 2580-8907
: 1410-3974
: Under Evalution   
: Archaeology
Description "SANGKHAKALA" refers to the shell horns that blown regularly to convey certain messages. In accordance with the meaning, it contains, this journal is expected to become an instrument in the dissemination of archaeological information to the public which is published on an ongoing basis. Berkala Arkeologi Sangkhakala is a peer-reviewed journal published biannual by the Balai Arkeologi Sumatera Utara in May and November. The first edition was published in 1997 and began to be published online in the form of an e-journal using the Open Journal System tool in 2015. Berkala Arkeologi Sangkhakala aims to publish research papers, reviews and studies covering the disciplines of archeology, anthropology, history, ethnography, and culture in general.
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Publish By  Redaksi Berkala Arkeologi Sangkhakala