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: Ukrainian Therapeutical Journal
: 2522-1175
: 1605-7295
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: Medicine (General)
Description In 2017 marks eighteen years since we published the first issue of "Ukrainian therapeutic journal". During this time has broadened the range of relevant groups, in the already familiar "Cardiology", "Gastroenterology", "Pulmonology", "Endocrinology", "Rheumatology", "Neurology, psychosomatics" added new – "Prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases", "Allergology, immunology" and "Nutrition". Much attention is paid to improve the theoretical level of our readers at the expense of information that is continually updated and for the latest recommendations in diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory, digestive, and kidney based on European and international consensus. Today, the magazine performs its main function in enhancing the professional development of physicians and scientists in modern conditions. The main objective of the journal is to present modern achievements of medical science and practice, to help doctors to learn advanced principles of recognition and treatment of a wide range of diseases. The peculiarity of the journal is the practical orientation of most published materials, the discussion on its pages, the actual problems of modern therapy, the effectiveness of new drugs, methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of therapeutic patients. "Ukrainian therapeutic journal" today is one of the leading professional scientific and practical publications in the country. The journal is included into the list of periodical scientific editions, in which it is recommended to publish the results of research on competition of a scientific degree of candidate and doctor of medical sciences. We hope that "Ukrainian therapeutic journal" raise the level of awareness and professionalism of Ukrainian doctors and they will use published information in their professional activities.
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