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: Heart and Vessels
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: Medicine (General)
Description Our journal received recognition of the scientific medical community and is highly appreciated by Ukrainian for the quality and completeness contained in scientific articles. The journal always combines depth of scientific development of the fundamental medical problems, the severity and the urgency modern clinical problems. The journal draws on its pages well-known scientists, and is looking for promising young researchers, providing a forum for discussion of problems of broad scientific and medical circles and acquainting its readers with the novelties of the professional literature that has been published in Ukraine and abroad. The geography of authors of the journal is one of the indicators of public acceptance (and not only Ukrainian) credibility of the publication. A large number of medical scientists, who have defended the thesis of different levels, express their sincere gratitude to the journal that publishes their articles. The core advantages include high scientific level, openness to discussion, accessibility and timeliness of publication, which is especially important for active authors. Despite the achievements, a space for the development of the journal, as well as for the authors, is huge. XXI century puts forward new requirements to the forms and efficiency of presentation. We know that science has no borders, and the doctor has to apply achievements of the world medical science. Therefore, in a specific section of our magazine we print the most recent and evidence-based information grounded in the world of medicine. The journal is focused on the practitioners and their needs. We prefer clinical evidence base, algorithms of diagnosis, treatment and prevention and provide a great number of useful illustrations. The urgent topic of medicine and health care is increasing the distances between the achievements of theoretical science and their introduction into medical practice, and one of the aspects of this problem is lack of awareness of physicians. That is why our highly qualified experts enlighten the latest achievements of Ukrainian and foreign specialists in the field of cardiology, cardiac surgery, angiology. The feature of our journal is attention to the history of domestic medicine and the work of its outstanding representatives.
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Publish By  2003