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: Polish Political Science Yearbook
: 0208-7375
: Under Evalution   
: Political Science
Description The Polish Political Science Yearbook (PPSY, ISSN 0208–7375) is a leading peer-reviewed Central European journal on political science, international relations, public policy and security studies, published since 1967 (until 1981 as the Polish Round Table). Currently, it is a joint initiative of the Adam Marszałek Publishing House and the Polish Political Science Association. It serves as a forum for academic scholars and professionals. The aim of the PPSY is to present the latest theoretical and methodological advancements, as well as to promote current work in Polish political science and Polish studies. It offers research and theoretical papers on comparative politics, international relations, development studies, security studies, public policy & governance, Polish and Central European politics, political theory, political and electoral systems, as well as political communication. The PPSY is open for Polish and international authors – all contributions relevant to political science and Polish studies are welcomed. It also encourages authors to submit papers based on innovative approaches, and inter– or transdisciplinary investigations of political processes and institutions.
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Publish By  Adam Marszalek Publishing