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: Ibero-American Strategy Journal
: 2176-0756
: xxxx-xxxx
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Description The Ibero-American Strategy Journal is the result of a partnership among professionals from a number of research centers and strategy study groups located in Latin American and Iberian universities. The primary motivation that led to the founding of the journal was a perception that there was a lack of adequate scholarly outlets to showcase the increasing volume and sophistication of strategy research coming from the Ibero American region. The Ibero-American Strategy Journal seeks to merit the confidence of the international scholarly community through the selection and maintainence of a prestigious and qualified editorial board and support staff, broad involvement of the strategic studies community in paper submissions and evaluation, and theoretical rigor. We seek to adopt the best editorial practices as defined by Brazilian Ministry of Education s QUALIS/CAPES guidelines and its electronic publishing norms as elaborated in the  Serviço de Eletrônico de Editoração de Revistas  SEER (Electronic System of Scientific Publishing), which provides the electronic digital for the journal. We are dedicated to the incessant search for high quality work and we actively seek to participate in Brazilian and international indexing services. RIAE succeeds the Revista Gerenciais (Managerial Journal), which was published without interruption starting in 2002 and still employs its original format and editorial practices. This has made it possible to start the new journal from a proven foundation. Two research centers from two prominent Brazilian institutions officially underwrite the journal: the Grupo de Estudos em Planejamento Estratégico e Empreendedorismo do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Administração da Universidade de São Paulo - USP (Study Group in Strategic Planning and Entreprenurship of the Graduate Program in Administration of the University of São Paulo) and the Grupo de Pesquisa em Estratégia e Organização do Programa de Mestrado e Doutorado em Administração da Universidade Nove de Julho  PMDA/UNINOVE (Research Group in Strategy and Organization of the Graduate School of Administration at the Universidade Nove de Julho). The journal is also supported by the editorial participation of individual strategy scholars from universities in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain.
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Publish By  Benny Costa Kramer