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: Scientific Bulletin of UNFU
: 2519-2477
: 1994-7836
: Under Evalution   
: Forestry
Description The aim of the journal is to publish original scientific and engineering articles submitted by professors and academics, scientists of research institutes, experts in forestry management, hunting, park and garden management, forestry and woodworking industry workers, biologists and farmers, and also professionals in economics, planning and management. Scientific and engineering articles are published in the following fields: forestry, park and garden management; ecology and environmental protection; technology and equipment; economics, planning and management; information technology; the problems of higher education. The journal is intended for researchers, post graduate students, engineers, college and school teachers, graduate students of higher educational institutions. The journal presents the research results on issues concerning forestry management, hunting, park and garden management; biology; economics; engineering; information technology; complex environmental, economic and educational issues; applied research and design.
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