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: Social Work Chronicle
: 2277-1395
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: Business and Management
Description Social Work Chronicle, as the name of the journal denotes - this peer-reviewed bi-annual will always have a prime focus to explore the emerging issues and challenges in the sphere social work education and practices across the globe with an aim to strengthen the base of Social Work literature and to enrich the scope of social work research and practice. Social Work Chronicle is a literary endeavor to raise voices on behalf of the weaker and deprived sections of the society by focusing majorly on research-based contribution on different social and welfare issues which explore the grassroot-dynamics of different developmental initiatives across the globe and thus represents a consortium for pro-people policies. The ethos of the journal will lie in its inter-disciplinary approach as the journal envisions to percolate through disciplines of social work, women’s studies, sociology, political science, economics, population studies, economics, development studies, education, rural development etc. It will bring to light kaleidoscopic views and thoughts of academicians, social workers, development professionals, research scholars and policy-makers from all quarters. The journal aspires to produce literature and references for developmental research by providing guidelines to the policy-makers for better program design and implementation in the sphere social policies and social welfare initiatives across the globe through its literary contribution. Last but not the least, the journal intends to encourage and assist young research scholars, faculties, development professionals and civil society members to promote their literary contributions – so that ‘young mind’ and ‘Gen-Next Thinking’ can be explored for the benefit of human society and in the context of sustainable human development. Aims / Scope 1.To strengthen the base of social work literature by encouraging literary contribution in the sphere of social work education, theories and practices. 2.To provide a burly dais of discussion for academicians, professional social workers, development experts, civil society activists, NGO professionals for exploring the dynamics of different social welfare agendas and emerging issues in development sector. 3.To bring out ground realities in the sphere of social and sustainable development to the policy-makers with an aim to bring about need-based modification in the existing social and welfare policies. 4.To become a medium of deliberation and dialogue among academicians, researchers and development professionals for reflecting issues, opinions and voices towards social change.
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