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: International Journal of Tourism and Travel
: 0974-2603
: Under Evalution   
: Business and Management
Description International Journal Tourism and Travel (IJT&T), the bi-annual journal of Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), foresees to create value for enterprises and organisations in tourism, travel and related sectors and those committed to support them- policy makers, intervention agencies, researchers and academics, by establishing a platform for learning through sharing from experience, dialogue, creativity and imagination. IJT&T target audiences are entrepreneurs, business executives, policy makers, intervention agencies, researchers and academics among others. Given the diverse nature of our audiences and their requirements journal will prefer to receive contributions those are generalisable across a variety of tourism, travel and related businesses, sectors, nations and economies. IJT&T shall also serve as an opportunity for those with experience and imagination to test their ideas by sharing it with a larger peer group that demonstrate commitment to the cause of tourism and travel. IJT&T shall have special interest in South, South-east Asian and Pacific tourism and travel and its variants.
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