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: International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices
: 2320-7523
: Under Evalution   
: Business and Management
Description International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices, bring together academicians, researchers, information scientists to focus on understanding the modern development in the field of Library and Information Science and establishing new collaboration in this area. This journal is going to be helpful for students, researchers, teachers as well as the librarians who are communicating knowledge requirements to service providers, planning and managing the delivery of knowledge, communicating the availability of knowledge to the end-user community, monitoring the use of the knowledge assets and delivering the value of the knowledge to the end-user community. Focus and Scope Journal aims to:- publish latest and quality research articles in the multidisciplinary area of knowledge management and Information Technology. to disseminate latest developments, research activities, important work done in the field of Library and Information Science and Technology. to exchange knowledge, experience, issues and solutions among professionals and other interested groups. to foster a platform for leading research in the emerging new landscape of library practices, which requires the integration of knowledge and learning.
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