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: International Journal of Engineering (IJE)
: 1735-9244
: 1025-2495
: 0.615   
: Technology (General)
Description The  International Journal of Engineering: Basics, Applications and Aspects , published monthly and distributed internationally by the Materials and Energy Research Center provides a forum for publication of significant engineering advancements and developments in chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, materials, mechanical, mining, nuclear, petroleum, polymer, textile and interdisciplinary areas of engineering. All prospective authors are invited to submit their original contributions on new theoretical and applied aspects of growing research. All manuscripts submitted, including symposium papers, will be peer reviewed by qualified scholars assigned by the editorial board. You are cordially encouraged to use this journal as a means of dissemination of information on the various facets of engineering and technical problems; and to impart specialized knowledge, quality and excellence to strengthen the perception of technological resources and needs of the world. The IJE is looking forward to receiving your assistance to working together to develop a worthwhile, high quality journal. Aims and Scope The objective of the International Journal of Engineering is to provide a forum for communication of information among the world s scientific and technological community and Iranian scientists and engineers. This journal intends to be of interest and utility to researchers and practitioners in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors. All original research contributions of significant value in all areas of engineering discipline are welcome. This journal is published in two quarterly transactions. Transactions A (Basics) deal with the engineering fundamentals. Transactions B (Applications) are concerned with the application of engineering knowledge in the daily life of the human being and Transactions C (Aspects) - starting from January 2012 - emphasize on the main engineering aspects whose elaboration can yield knowledge and expertise that can equally serve all branches of engineering discipline. This journal will publish authoritative papers on theoretical and experimental researches and advanced applications embodying the results of extensive field, plant, laboratory or theoretical investigation or new interpretations of existing problems. It may also feature - when appropriate - research notes, technical notes, state-of-the-art survey type papers, short communications, letters to the editor, meeting schedules and conference announcements. The language of publication is English. Each paper should contain an abstract both in English and in Persian. However, for the authors who are not familiar with Persian, the publisher will prepare the latter. The abstracts should not exceed 250 words. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed by qualified reviewers. The material should be presented clearly and concisely: * Full papers must be based on completed original works of significant novelty. The papers are not strictly limited in length. However, lengthy contributions may be delayed due to limited space. It is advised to keep papers limited to 7500 words. * Research notes are considered as short items that include theoretical or experimental results of immediate current interest. * Technical notes are also considered as short items of enough technical acceptability with more rapid publication appeal. The length of a research or technical note is recommended not to exceed 2500 words or 4 journal pages (including figures and tables). Review papers are only considered from highly qualified well-known authors generally assigned by the editorial board or editor-in-chief. Short communications and letters to the editor should contain a text of about 1000 words and whatever figures and tables that may be required to support the text. They include discussion of full papers and short items and should contribute to the original article by providing confirmation or additional interpretation. Discussion of papers will be referred to author(s) for reply and will concurrently be published with reply of author(s).
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