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: International Engineering Research Journal
: 2395-1621
: 2395-1621
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: Computer Science
Description International Engineering Research Journal is a professional journal. IERJ is peer reviewed open access journal, which regularly publish engineering research articles received monthly in which of the journal. Received papers are immediately sent for peer review process after Review accepted papers are published online. High Visibility and High Availability, free and unlimited accessibility of the publication over the internet without any restrictions. Open Access publications are more frequently cited due to their high publicity and availability. The organization is poised on ensuring excellent research papers that meets the standard of significance, and scientific requirement is published. IERJ offers a broad range of options for authors and researchers, our dedicated technical and editorial team members ensure the quality of the dedicated and reputed research articles. We have very reputable and dedicated editorial board members from different academic fields which ensure the quality and review standards according to the international research publishing standards and quick publication of research articles.
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