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: Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Science
: 2372-0980
: Under Evalution   
: Public Health
Description Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Science (JNHFS) is committed to offering internationally recognized Peer- Reviewed, Open Access research and outreach programs that include various facets of nutrition and health. JNHFS is a Scientific Journal that provides comprehensive information for researchers interested in planning, carrying out and administrating health related fitness and wellness programs in varied settings. It provides awareness against the risk factors that cause the major health issues like malnutrition, sedentary life style, binge eating, alcohol consumption, fast food, use of pesticides & chemicals in agriculture, steroids, protein supplements. SOJN also features Scholarly Articles on the food technology development and application of food science in FMCG industry. It is a rapidly growing sector, focused on advanced research to solve several health issues due to improper diet or lack of nutrition. Food technology is applied in manufacturing of super diets like energy supplements, probiotics, prenatal vitamins, diet supplements, fish-oil supplements, multivitamins etc.
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