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: Economy in the industry
: 2072-1633
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Description Scientific reviewed journal «Economy in the industry» The magazine was founded in 2008. At this time, there were virtually no magazines covering the issues of the metallurgical industry economy Consequently, the leading Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISiS) decided together with JSC "United Metallurgical Company" , and under the assistance of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences to establish magazine, which should cover mainly the research and production issues of metallurgical complex. At the initial stage, the magazine targeted a number of issues, including: analysis of the state of the economy and forecasting of the metallurgical industry of the Russian Federation; cost-benefit analysis of new technologies; strategic management in industry; industrial logistics; management of innovation and investment in the industry. In a short time, the magazine has acquired the status of a serious publication, was included in the HAC list, and significantly expanded the area of interest. Along with metallurgy, the topics covered include small business and industry; organization of accounting, planning and economic analysis in industrial plants; issues of corporate social responsibility; economic aspects of environmental protection, training of personnel for industry and business. The circle of authors and reviewers of the journal has also expanded. At present, the authors (COPE magazine are graduate students, researchers, university professors and experts of industrial and commercial structures of Russia, as well as countries and abroad. All published articles are reviewed, skillfully edited and proofread thus promoting a competent presentation of the material. As reviewers the magazine attracts specialists ,experts in issues relating to the published material.
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Publish By  National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”