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: Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature
: 2312-2021
: 2311-8636
: Under Evalution   
: Social Sciences
Description Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature (AJHAL): A Journal of Humanity, Literature, Language, Religion, Culture, Politics and History is an open access, peer-reviewed, both online and print journal established by the ABC Journals, Asian Business Consortium. The main objective of the journal is to publish research papers, translations, and reviews in the field of Asian fiction and non-fiction literature, religious literature, cultural literature and historical review of literature (construed in the widest sense) in a form that makes them quickly and easily accessible to the international academic community, to professionals in related fields, such as theatre and storytelling, and to the general public. AJHAL is published 3 times per year in February, June and October. Journal publishes original papers in Art and literature in general, but giving a preference to those in the areas of Humanity, Art and literature represented by the editorial board. To be publishable, papers must treat new research, be well written, and be of interest to a significant segment of the science community. As an open access online publication, AJHAL online version can be more flexible and creative than only a standard print journal. The texts are in pdf-format and can be published and downloaded at virtually no cost. To increase the speed with which material can be accessed and disseminated, all contributions are issued individually in numerical order. All contributions should be submitted online. A short abstract of the piece must also be included. All submissions are peer-reviewed. Submission of a manuscript to AJHAL will be taken to mean that it represents original work not previously published and that it is not being considered elsewhere for publication.
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